Gilroy, California 2020

Matthew Berdyck was arrested in Gilroy California on March 9th, 2020. He did not have any state issued identification and his descriptions matched a suspect with a warrant with a similar name. After a few hours and being transferred to the Santa Clara County Jail, he was released upon positive identification that he was Matthew A. Berdyck and did not have any outstanding warrants. 

Matthew has publicly told many versions of this story on Facebook, social media, and in emails. Supposedly, the police lost his jacket and footwear in this process (his stories vary). The officer who arrested him picked him up from jail, bought him a new jacket (later deemed inadequate by Matthew Berdyck) and in one version of the story, paid for a hotel room for a few days after apologizing and shaking his hand, thanking Mr. Berdyck for his service as an activist. The lack of proper cold resistant attire is also blamed for why Matthew could not attend the restraining order hearings in Oregon by Christy Waltz. 

In an alternate version of the story, on March 12th, 2020 Matthew Berdyck claims he was shooting scenes for his ‘documentary’ called Blame Reagan III, he told someone his name, and they did an internet search. After seeing an online article on and watching the trailer for the documentary about Mr. Berdyck Nowhere Man, this unnamed person supposedly ‘freaked out’ and called the police. 

Late May 2020, Mr. Berdyck claims the police, city officials, and media became involved to investigate who caused this series of events that caused an innocent man to be falsely arrested. In May-June 2020, Matthew was emailing the city, the police, the media, and the FBI about his theory that this was all orchestrated by an online terrorist group to frame him for a crime. 

June 2nd 2020, Berdyck began asking locals on the Facebook Neighborhood Watch page to help file his tort claim against the city, stating he lost $50,000 in supposed income due to the false arrest. Matthew has also claimed that he is owed $1,700 per hour of incarceration due to the pain and suffering. 

June 4th, 2020, Matthew Berdyck contacted Wendy Towner and said he would kill himself if she didn’t give him money to help him since he was homeless. 

June 20th, 2020, Matthew Berdyck created a petition demanding the Gilroy Dispatch newspaper stop covering up the alleged false arrest.

John Ballard <> – Police Officer in Gilroy investigating

Scot Smithee – Police Chief in Gilroy

Jimmy Forbis  – Interim City Administrator Gilroy

Michael Moore < – Journalist with Gilroy Dispatch investigating
Andrew L. Faber <> – Lawyer in California

What happened the night of my false arrest in Gilroy, three months ago?

Posted by Matthew Berdyck on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

POSTED MARCH 10th, 2020 on Facebook